Monday, March 12, 2012

A Beautiful Day on Saturday Afternoon

A beautiful day on Saturday afternoon. when I'm not busy, I try to spare some time to teach my nephew and niece how to decorate a cake.

All kids love to make or decorate cakes.
I think baking with children encourages creativity, responsibilty and involvement. It requires hands on use of maths concepts, planning, thinking, and time management.
It's also is great for creating a healthy eating habit while improving self confidence and self esteem.

They look very serious,....cheat on each other design xoxoxo :)

Happy boy...

The girl's cupcake

Pose first :#

Six to go boy..., Cia You!!

Boy is the winner, look at him, very proud with his cupcakes huh???? :P

The next day, boy kept asking me "Auntie, when are we going to decorate cupcakes again?" :)

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