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Baking has been my passion since childhood, I am addicted to it, and no joke it has been a stress reliever for me. Any time I’m having a hard day, I get in the kitchen and concentrate on flour, sugar, and butter – they really clear my mind!
The story behind the starting of Fern Fuschia (which is a symbol of fascinating-good taste) was to bring out my passion for baking and to do something which I love and it turned into my true vocation in life. 
Bachelor's Degree in Art Design, working as a graphic designer for 8 years and finally realize that I wasn’t a 9-5 job kind of person and wanted to do something on my own.

Fern Fuschia is run from my home kitchen. I began to create themed treats after receiving requests from some of my friends and continued to bake for special occasions. ​
I'm certainly not an expert; I'm completely self taught, but I strongly believe that anything is possible if you try hard enough, patience, determination and willingness to keep trying were the only qualities.

From cakes to cookies to cupcakes to muffins, an expression of love through food is not demonstrated through the quantity on your plate, but the care with it is prepared.
Delivering sweet treats that are healthy (avoid any chemicals and other harmful substances), moist, taste scrumptious and look gorgeous have always been my rules in creating baked goods.

I am very excited for the future of Fern Fuschia, and I hope that collection of some easy and fun recipes in my blog will inspire you to bake and bring back memories of beautiful healthy homemade baked goods.
Enjoy and Happy Baking !!!​ 

luv Sandra

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