Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Beauty of Vintage

I really love making sugar flowers. The only thing that I wanted when I first start a baking business is to create a beautiful sugar roses. It was hard for the first time, it takes a long time even just to make one bud, and they melt on the 2'nd day. OMG...It was a very frustrating day :(
I thought maybe it was because it was a hot day and and later I found that I need to add the Tylose Powder to create a sort of Instant Gumpaste.
Well, that time... I even didn't know what the difference between fondant and gumpaste, sigh.. SOooO.... horrible :((
I know it's probably not as perfect as the real one, but I'll try to keep learning to make it more beautiful :). wish me luck!

luv, Sandra

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